Blue Earth Builders was formed by two brothers — John and Dave Dickson — each specializing in different branches of the building arts, who believe that by coming together they can create beautiful, down-to-earth, modern and efficient homes.

We build, design/draft, remodel, and repair (in that order) homes. We place a premium on doing it in an environmentally conscious way. We can build efficiently with many different building systems (S.I.P.s, conventional, timberframe, strawbale, etc. and combinations). We are general contractors that do a lot of our own work, and have good relationships with excellent tradespeople for electrical, heating, and plumbing. We are licensed insured, and bonded, and so are our subcontractors.

Dave and John both started working in construction in 1988 and 1990 respectively. We worked for our brother-in-law Steve Guinn, who was the foreman for a large construction company framing track homes. He teamed us each up with the best tradespeople for each part of the building process to teach us the trade. We have continued to learn through the years expanding the scope of work that we can perform.

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